7 Plastic Bottles = 1 Bathing Suit ⁠🤙🏼⁠
Made out of 100% recycled polyester
Summer Collection
Each bathing suit represents endangered species or harmful plastic
Recycling Process Recycling Process
Made out of ocean plastic
The Process
It's Simple
Step 1
Plastic Is collected

We work with foundations to recover plastic found in the ocean.

Step 2
Crushed into pieces

Plastic is separated and washed. Once the plastic bottles are clean, it's crushed into tiny pieces. 

Step 3
Melted into pellets

Once plastic has been crushed, it's melted at high temperature into small pellets.

Step 4
Turned into high quality thread

The pellets transform into thread through an extrusion and texturing process. The final result is a high quality 100% recycled polyester thread.


Our Ambassadors

Sustainability activist and author

Male bathing suits, recycled polyester

Plant based couple and eco-world travelers


Founder @Purecleanearth 

Trash Can Dan