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On April 7th 2019 in Santa Cristina d’Aro, Spain. Over 60 people gathered to clean up over  2.000kg of waste. We separated all of the trash in the following categories: 900 kg Plastic 200 kg Paper & Cardboard 200 kg Glass 700 kg General waste We found all sorts of items such as car parts, old computer screens, shopping carts and even a massive ice cream cooler. For this clean-up we were joined by two expert biologists, who explained the importance of keeping the natural surroundings clean, since it can impact all sorts of local species. All of this waste was removed from nature in 90 minutes. This action has allowed us to generate lot of awareness in the town...

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Bell-lloc del Plà School - Clean-up workshop (March 30th, 2019)

On March 30th, 2019. In the province of Girona, Spain. Sloppy Tunas and the Bell-lloc del Plà School with 17 students from ages 6-10 and over 20 parents. Took part in a clean-up workshop where they cleaned up an affected area of the Ter river. In just 90 minutes they gathered over 25kg of waste, primarily plastic. After the clean-up Aitor and Oscar from the Sloppy Tunas team gave a speech about the importance of reducing single use plastic and explained the different recycling alternatives. Both parents and students were delighted with this experience. We believe that through small workshops current and future generations will become more aware of the plastic problem and will help us build a better future....

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On February 17th, 2019, In the touristic town of Platja d’Aro, Spain. More than 50 people gathered to clean up over 2.200 kg of waste. We separated all of the trash in the following categories: 800 kg Plastic 200kg Glass 1.200kg General waste All of this waste was extracted in one morning, and has generated a lot of awareness in the town about waste generation and the lack of recycling culture. For these clean up series Sloppy Tunas is collaborating with; Grup Natura Sterna, CE Montclar, La Manduca Cooperativa, ADF- Maritima and the local town of Platja D’aro. For Images and video click HERE   SPANISH VERSION El domingo 17 de febrero en la desembocadura del Ridaura en la turística...

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